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Jo Plumley, Serenity at Sibford

Jo Plumley - Serenity at Sibford

Banbury beauty therapist Jo Plumley, has successfully completed an ‘Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’ course run by Sterex Electrolysis International Ltd.  This will allow her to treat skin complaints such as thread veins, warts, sebaceous cysts, and verrucas at her Serenity at Sibford beauty salon in Sibford Gower (

Sterex is the largest and most respected electrolysis training company in the UK.  The ACP training is recognised by the country’s leading trade associations and major insurers.

Jo Plumley is a highly qualified beauty and holistic therapist.  As a qualified electrolysis practitioner, this Advanced Cosmetic Procedures training is part of Jo Plumley’s continuing professional development, which ensures her clients receive the most up-to-date cosmetic treatments.

Jo Plumley comments, “Many women have to apply concealer and make-up to cover up redness caused by tiny red thread veins on their cheeks, nose, and on their chin.  The redness can also be exacerbated by sunshine – particularly relevant at this time of year.   By using Advanced Electrolysis (Diathermy) treatments, I am able to reduce the appearance of the thread veins in just 15 – 30 minutes.  Women who suffer from this problem are really excited to find blemishes, which have troubled them for years, can be removed in a matter of minutes!”

In addition to electrolysis and beauty therapy, the Serenity at Sibford salon offers sports and remedial massage and Pilates classes.  Anyone wanting further information or to make an appointment, should phone 01295 788463 or visit

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Notes for Editors

Serenity at Sibford Beauty Salon at Gautherns Barn in Sibford Gower, near Banbury, was opened in March 2007.  Jo Plumley has NVQ level 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy, and a Diploma in Holistic Therapy.  She is also trained in Indian head massage, Swedish massage,  and aromatherapy.  She has a 1st & 2nd degree in Reiki, and has studied anatomy and physiology.

Jo Plumley’s team includes a sports and remedial massage therapist, and a Master Pilates instructor.

For more information, please contact:

Jo Plumley

Tel:        01295 788463
Mob:        07891 220275

The online voting in the 2010 Software Satisfaction Awards opened today … and we’re excited!

This year one of our clients, TeamSeer, is entered in two categories:

TeamSeer is an online application which allows companies and organisations to manage TeamSeer Absence Management Software Applicationtheir staff annual leave and absence, quickly and easily.  Each member of staff has their own unique log-in, and their TeamSeer account tells them what their holiday entitlement is, how many days they have left, and even when their colleagues are out of the office.  Having worked in companies of all sizes, it’s easy to see how much time can be saved by using TeamSeer instead of a paper-based annual leave management system!

TeamSeer was a revelation to me.  While I am reasonably technically adept (but often pretend to be otherwise), I do lack patience.  Software applications which involve complicated processes test me to the limits.  But when I had the opportunity to put TeamSeer through its paces, I was a convert.  It’s easy to use and completely intuitive.

I was pleased to see the Software Satisfaction Awards voting has been carefully structured to prevent any rigging or block voting.  With such a prestigious award, this is important as it is the users’ votes which will determine the finalists.  The vote is actually an online survey, which calls for hands-on knowledge of the product.  There is also an email verification for added security.  The survey feedback is anonymously reported to TeamSeer, which will help them with their future development.

The TeamSeer team are passionate about their product and the service they provide and, if I were eligible, they’d get my vote!  So if you are a TeamSeer user and you haven’t already voted, follow the links now:

  1. Human Resources and Human Capital Management
  2. Paperless Office and Document Management

And while you’re doing that, I’m off to put that bottle of bubbly in the fridge to celebrate TeamSeer’s success on October 7th!

I’m bewildered!  As a copywriter, am I just more sensitive to the written word than others, or have I just stumbled on two examples of major marketing madness?

As much of my work involves research, I trawl through a fair number of websites in the working week.  Today I’m working for a meat wholesaler and investigating British meat and the British Food Fortnight (18 Sept – 3 Oct 2010).

My first gem was found on the British Food Fortnight website.  It is a PDF download of a flyer, pertaining to promote the 2010 event.  The headline reads “British Food Fortnight will run at the same time as 2012 London Olympics… “.  It goes on to talk about the 2012 event.  You can see for yourself by following this link to the PDF.

Just how many people will bother to read past that misleading opening message?  I’m sure many will quickly and mistakenly come to the conclusion there is no event this year.  I nearly did.

The next and very best bit of marketing madness came from the website.  Only one page in length, and with no contact details available, this site suggests it is supporting and promoting British meat.  Look more closely … the first link on the page takes you straight to a … French Gourmet Food website!  And additional links have little or no relevance to meat, British or otherwise.

All I can say is, if you are involved in running of either of these websites, please get in touch with us.  We’d be pleased to offer you some advice to help you avoid these moments of marketing madness.

Swindon-based grounds maintenance company Avium, is reporting a significant increase in business enquiries for the first quarter of 2010.  Avium founder and horticultural specialist Luke Whiteside, puts this growth down to increased confidence in the market, and believes the economy is strengthening.

Last year, several of Avium’s customers were forced to reduce their costs by managing their grounds maintenance in-house.  In the corresponding first quarter of 2009, Avium had no ‘pending quotes’.  So far this year, more than 30 quotes are pending, with several already converted, and the majority of the former customers are back on-board.

Avium is an established company with its roots in horticulture.  Mr Whiteside explains, “We take a very personal and ethical approach to business.  Unfortunately, our industry’s reputation has been affected in the past by fly-by-night operators who go in, do half a job and disappear again.  Avium works for some of Swindon’s biggest companies, including the Marriott Hotel and Sytner Mercedes Benz, and we take pride and delight in looking after them.”   Mike Fellows, Managing Director of Sytner Mercedes Benz said of Avium, “The original plantings at Mercedes-Benz of Swindon were getting overgrown and untidy.  We contacted Avium who did a great job in sorting it all out and have dramatically improved the look of the site.”

During the winter months, Avium took a pro-active approach, providing essential support to a large number of Swindon companies.  The Avium  team provided salt and grit, and helped with snow clearing.  “A lot of grounds maintenance companies view bad weather as an opportunity to take a holiday,” said Mr Whiteside.  “But we know it’s a time when our customers desperately need our help and support.  Grounds maintenance is needed 52 weeks of the year, not just when the sun shines.”

Avium actively markets itself, and believes this is essential for any company working in the business market.  “When you’re working for some of the area’s largest companies, you can’t just sit back and wait for word of mouth,” comments Mr Whiteside.  “Years of experience has taught us that, if you want to work in a professional arena, you have to market yourself effectively.  Our marketing activity has increased during the recession and it has paid dividends.  We believe the economy has turned the corner and we’re looking forward to 2010 being our busiest year ever.”

Avium is continuing with its marketing activities, with a new website planned for later in the year.  This company’s growth is good news for Swindon, as plans are underway to recruit more seasonal staff to help cope with the increased demand.

Anyone interested in a grounds maintenance service can contact Avium on 01793 610300, or by email to

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