Swindon-based grounds maintenance company Avium, is reporting a significant increase in business enquiries for the first quarter of 2010.  Avium founder and horticultural specialist Luke Whiteside, puts this growth down to increased confidence in the market, and believes the economy is strengthening.

Last year, several of Avium’s customers were forced to reduce their costs by managing their grounds maintenance in-house.  In the corresponding first quarter of 2009, Avium had no ‘pending quotes’.  So far this year, more than 30 quotes are pending, with several already converted, and the majority of the former customers are back on-board.

Avium is an established company with its roots in horticulture.  Mr Whiteside explains, “We take a very personal and ethical approach to business.  Unfortunately, our industry’s reputation has been affected in the past by fly-by-night operators who go in, do half a job and disappear again.  Avium works for some of Swindon’s biggest companies, including the Marriott Hotel and Sytner Mercedes Benz, and we take pride and delight in looking after them.”   Mike Fellows, Managing Director of Sytner Mercedes Benz said of Avium, “The original plantings at Mercedes-Benz of Swindon were getting overgrown and untidy.  We contacted Avium who did a great job in sorting it all out and have dramatically improved the look of the site.”

During the winter months, Avium took a pro-active approach, providing essential support to a large number of Swindon companies.  The Avium  team provided salt and grit, and helped with snow clearing.  “A lot of grounds maintenance companies view bad weather as an opportunity to take a holiday,” said Mr Whiteside.  “But we know it’s a time when our customers desperately need our help and support.  Grounds maintenance is needed 52 weeks of the year, not just when the sun shines.”

Avium actively markets itself, and believes this is essential for any company working in the business market.  “When you’re working for some of the area’s largest companies, you can’t just sit back and wait for word of mouth,” comments Mr Whiteside.  “Years of experience has taught us that, if you want to work in a professional arena, you have to market yourself effectively.  Our marketing activity has increased during the recession and it has paid dividends.  We believe the economy has turned the corner and we’re looking forward to 2010 being our busiest year ever.”

Avium is continuing with its marketing activities, with a new website planned for later in the year.  This company’s growth is good news for Swindon, as plans are underway to recruit more seasonal staff to help cope with the increased demand.

Anyone interested in a grounds maintenance service can contact Avium on 01793 610300, or by email to enquiries@avium-gm.co.uk.