I’m bewildered!  As a copywriter, am I just more sensitive to the written word than others, or have I just stumbled on two examples of major marketing madness?

As much of my work involves research, I trawl through a fair number of websites in the working week.  Today I’m working for a meat wholesaler and investigating British meat and the British Food Fortnight (18 Sept – 3 Oct 2010).

My first gem was found on the British Food Fortnight website.  It is a PDF download of a flyer, pertaining to promote the 2010 event.  The headline reads “British Food Fortnight will run at the same time as 2012 London Olympics… “.  It goes on to talk about the 2012 event.  You can see for yourself by following this link to the PDF.

Just how many people will bother to read past that misleading opening message?  I’m sure many will quickly and mistakenly come to the conclusion there is no event this year.  I nearly did.

The next and very best bit of marketing madness came from the www.britishmeat.org.uk website.  Only one page in length, and with no contact details available, this site suggests it is supporting and promoting British meat.  Look more closely … the first link on the page takes you straight to a … French Gourmet Food website!  And additional links have little or no relevance to meat, British or otherwise.

All I can say is, if you are involved in running of either of these websites, please get in touch with us.  We’d be pleased to offer you some advice to help you avoid these moments of marketing madness.