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New distance learning course puts copywriting training into words

The Copywriting Apprentice ( is launching its new interactive distance learning copywriting course.  The course, which has been written and developed by professional copywriters based in Oxfordshire, has been created to provide a comprehensive, professional learning experience for aspiring business writers.

The course combines traditional textbook study with an extensive online learning management system (LMS), to give students a sound grounding in every aspect of copywriting.  The copywriting  course covers 20 chapters, divided into four blocks:

1.    The foundations of a copywriting career
2.    Online copywriting
3.    Offline copywriting
4.    Setting up a freelance copywriting business

To complete the copywriting course, students must complete 12 tutor-marked assignments and 16 interactive multiple choice quizzes.  The Copywriting Apprentice course also includes three telephone one-to-one tutorials.  This allows the students and their tutor to forge a closer working relationship and helps tailor the course to meet the individual’s needs.

The Copywriting Apprentice team are highly professional, working copywriters who also have hands-on training experience. Student assignments will be marked to stringent standards and an independent moderator will supervise all tutor activity.

The course will have international appeal and students are expected to enrol from English-speaking countries across the world.  The Copywriting Apprentice distance learning course will also deliver benefits to other professionals, not just those wanting to pursue a career as a copywriter.  Marketing professionals, virtual assistants, and anyone working in the field of content marketing, will benefit from the course.

After enrolment, students must complete a pre-course assessment to ensure they have the necessary writing skills to tackle the course.  Most privately run distance learning courses accept students regardless of their ability.  This can result in people failing to complete their courses, disappointment and a waste of the students’ money.  Students who don’t pass the Copywriting Apprentice initial assessment will have their fees refunded in full.

Students will have a year to complete the course, although it is anticipated many will take less than 6 months.  On completion of the Copywriting Apprentice course, students will be awarded a certificate and have use of the company’s quality mark logo.

The pilot version of the Copywriting Apprentice course has been running since the spring 2012.  Four students are participating in the pilot scheme and have provided valuable feedback on the course content and the LMS user-experience.

David McCarthy, director of Copywriting Training Ltd, which has developed the Copywriting Apprentice course, comments “In the UK, there are no formal dedicated copywriting qualifications.  As a result, many people who set themselves up as copywriters lack the necessary skills and techniques.  The Copywriting Apprentice course will teach aspiring writers about every aspect of copywriting including SEO.  We also stress the need for continuing professional development, which is so important for anyone involved in writing online content.”

The Copywriting Apprentice distance learning course costs £649.00. To mark the launch, prospective students can take advantage of a 20% discount on the course fees.  Students can view the syllabus and enrol online at


For more information, please contact:

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