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Words can be a minefield.  Even the most experienced writers make the odd blunder.  Obviously as copywriters, we try to avoid falling into the trap of making any goofs ourselves, but it isn’t easy. 


There’s no doubt some writing blunders are hilarious!  We’ve had many a good laugh when what was intended to be factual information, turned into a total howler. 


Of course estate agents get a lot of flak from everyone … probably as much as traffic wardens … but one of our all-time favourites was in a set of property details.  It was a very old house built over 3 floors.  Interestingly, according to the agent’s details, there was an outside loo which was accessed from the top floor!  As we couldn’t abseil, we didn’t bother going to view that one … and laughed about it for months.


So if you come across any good goofs or gaffes, we’d love to hear about them.  With all the present economic doom and gloom, we could all do with cheering up!  

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