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Ever noticed how a small business owner misses out at Christmas?  It’s a bit hard to have a staff party just for one or two, and as for secret Santas … forget it!

Rye Hill Golf Club

Party time at Rye Hill

So here’s your chance to join other local businesses for a Christmas party night.  We’re organising a get-together at Rye Hill Golf Club near Banbury for one of their Buffet and Bop nights.  This is a great opportunity to network, have a great night out and enjoy a ‘work Christmas do’ with other like-minded people.

The date!

Wednesday 7th December  (other dates may be available, but please understand we can’t please all of the people all of the time!)

The cost?

Just £19.50 per person  which includes:

  • A buffet served at our table
  • Dancing to the resident DJ
  • Party games, crackers, hats and novelties
  • The bar is open until 00.30am

The party plan!

Bring along a significant other (or not), the choice is yours – we only need a party of 8 people to join in the fun.

The buffet menu

  • Turkey & cranberry wraps
  • Chipping Norton pork chipolatas wrapped in smoked bacon
  • Mackerel & horseradish tartlets
  • Oxford blue cheese & mushroom mini quiches
  • Cranberry & parmesan cheese straws
  • Filo wrapped king prawns, spicy chilli dipping sauce
  • Mini éclairs
  • Mini Xmas puddings

Dress code

Anything between smart casual to a touch of glam!

Want to join us?  

If you would like to celebrate Christmas with some local business buddies, get in touch by email.  A non-refundable £10 deposit per person (cheques payable to Rye Hill Golf Club) will be  needed to confirm your booking.

Ho ho ho!  

We received a worrying email today from a website client who manages and updates her own site.  The site, which previously performed well, had suddenly dropped down the rankings.  It was no longer found on key searches and she wanted to know if we could help.  Like everyone, the client was keen to keep her site high on the rankings and increase its performance.

One of her business acquaintances had given her some ‘SEO advice’.  Unfortunately she didn’t verify it or investigate it further before putting it into action.  Instead of improving her ranking, this bad advice had disastrous results.

The advice was to create ‘invisible copy’ on her site.  The additional new copy, which was stuffed with keywords, was presented on the site in a white font on a white background.  The text was not visible to the human visitor but was, or so she was told, an effective way to optimise the website.

This is black hatting at its worst.  Black hat SEO is the unethical attempt to manipulate the search engine rankings.  It is not only bad practice, but dangerous.  The search engines’ sophisticated technology can spot black hat SEO a mile away and will rightly penalise the site.  In the worst case scenario, the site can be disqualified from the searches.

Other unethical black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing and doorway pages.  There is a useful and informative post on black hat SEO on the website.

If your website isn’t performing as it should, there is no substitute for professionally written SEO copy.  Keeping your site updated and fresh will ensure your ranking is preserved and improved.

So please, whatever you do, don’t be tempted to try and diddle the search engines.  They’re too smart to fall for it, and your website and your sales enquiries will suffer as a result.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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