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Here we are in 2009 approaching our 2nd season on the WORD-right allotment.  While we were interested in gardening before and have grown vegetables on a small scale, it’s always been a fair weather activity.  In fact I always enjoyed snowy weather … it was guaranteed to make our garden look just as good as everyone else’s! 


But here we are in January, with a large stock of winter hardy peas (Douce Provence) ready to be planted, and the ground is frozen solid.  We started them off in our garden to foil the mice, who would have scoffed the lot if we’d planted them straight in the ground.  The Met Office are predicting a thaw by the weekend, so with luck the ground might have thawed enough to be able to get them planted.


As new allotmenteers, we didn’t know anything about growing through the winter months and did a lot of reading on the subject.  I first came across winter hardy Douce Provence peas in an advert in the ‘Grow It’ magazine and thought they sounded like a great idea.  Our home grown peas were delicious last summer and we were keen to grow more this year.  However, the Douce Provence peas were very expensive so, being a canny Scot, I started shopping around.  That’s when I found seed merchants, Edwin Tucker in Devon (  The price in the advert was £8 + P&P for 400 peas, but this small seed merchant supplied us with 500 for the princely sum of £1.60 + £1 P&P!  Guess where we bought the rest of our seeds?


So finally … here’s to a thaw and to the coming of spring, because we copywriters are keen to escape the desks and get back out reaping the rewards of our allotment. 







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