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If you’re a Twitter fan, you might wonder what all the tweets bearing the ‘#oxsconeoff’ hashtag are about.

WORD-right scone practice!

WORD-right scone practice!

#oxsconeoff is the Twitter tag used to announce the one and only, now world famous, Scone Baking Competition, being held at 2pm on Bank Holiday Monday (May 3rd) at Fallowfields Hotel, Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire!

No doubt you were taught as a child not to eavesdrop … but this is exactly what I did on Twitter a couple of months ago, and look where it got me!  There was a ‘conversation’ going on between Anthony Lloyd (@FallowfieldsUK) and Tracey Jefferies (@TraceyJefferies) on the subject of scones.  I happened to see this and tweeted saying ‘must make some scones – haven’t made them in ages’.  And the dye was cast!  Anthony Lloyd set us up for a scone-making competition at the Community Day on May 3rd at his Oxfordshire hotel.  The competition hotted up when Sarah Steel (@nurserysarah) got involved.  Fortunately she is now back from her extended holiday in Cyprus, courtesy of the volcanic ash, but it was a near thing!

Home-made scone

Scone with whipped cream & WORD-right's home-made bramble jelly

Needless to say, all 3 contestants are canvassing votes on Twitter from their supporters.  Perhaps next we should take on the politicians and form an #Oxsconeoff Party in time for Thursday’s election!  Of course my fellow competitors won’t stand a chance, and if you check out the pictures you’ll see what they’re up against.  Just don’t tell them … OK?

The event, which runs from 11am until 5pm, is an action-packed day out for all the family.   Local radio station JackFM will be there to join in the fun.  Among the attractions are a host of stalls, guided tours round the Fallowfields Farm, Falconry Displays, and a fun dog show.  There is a small entrance fee on the day, with the proceeds going to charity.

The highlight of course will be the scone-making competition, with the audience being roped in for some tasting and voting.  No doubt there will be much nobbling of judges going on through out the morning, before we get down to the challenge … with jam and cream at 20 paces.

So what do you do next?  Take yourself and the family along to Fallowfields Hotel on Monday and join in the fun.  Oh … and don’t forget to vote for me (@WORDright)!

And … if you’re wondering what all this has to do with marketing a business … I’m a firm believer in raising our profile in the local area, be that with scones or anything else (providing it’s legal, moral and decent, of course!).

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Indijazz German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Emma Towns, Kings Sutton dog breeder and owner of Posh Pooches dog grooming company, is celebrating three successes in a month.  Having shown 12 of her Indijazz German Shorthaired Pointers at Crufts and collected 11 awards, her two new websites have attracted a massive 3,000 hits in their first month.  In addition, Indijazz It’s Showtime, one of Emma’s breeding bitches, has given birth to 5 puppies.

The website has undergone a complete ‘facelift’, and now features information about the Indijazz line of GSPs, news and a gallery page.  Emma Towns is the only breeder of German Shorthaired Pointers in the Midlands area, and her dogs are shown at all the major dog shows.

Emma combines dog breeding with her professional dog grooming service.  Her years of dog show experience means she understands the importance of retaining the appearance of all breeds of dogs.  Emma grooms dogs of all sizes and will also consider grooming problem dogs.  Emma Towns’ new website, which went live on April 1st, is already on the first page of Google and generating enquiries from interested dog owners.

“It has been a breath-taking month,” said Emma Towns.  “To have collected 11 awards at Crufts and come home to literally thousands of hits on the new websites has meant I’ve been rushed off my feet.  But the icing on the cake was the new litter of puppies of course, and I’m pleased to say they all have new homes to go to in a few weeks’ time.”

– ends –

Notes to Editors

Emma Towns is a former equine nurse and has been breeding German Shorthaired Pointers since the 1990s.

Emma Towns shows her German Short Haired Pointers at all the major UK dog shows including Crufts, and her dogs have gained many reserve tickets over the years. Emma’s original GSP Jazaraz Jasmin, was the proud mother of the first Indijazz JW (Junior Warrant) winner, Indijazz Azara.

Emma Towns is now a highly experienced GSP breeder and also runs her own dog grooming company from her home at Kings Sutton, near Banbury.

For more information, please contact:

Emma Towns
Email Emma Towns
Tel: 01295 810300
Mob: 07780 933083

Are you generous with your knowledge and experience, or do you keep it to yourself?  Would you be surprised to hear giving free advice could actually help you market your business and increase your sales?

This morning we attended a Sales Training Seminar hosted by Sarah Castle, MD of Think Big Training, at Bloxham Mill near Banbury.  Some 40 people took advantage of this free opportunity to learn how to improve their sales skills.  Sarah gave freely of her time, knowledge and experience, and asked nothing in return.  We were well looked after with coffee and a dazzling array of cakes and pastries, which added to the very positive experience.

Each and every one of the delegates came away informed, motivated, and keen to put Sarah’s ideas into practice.  And to reinforce the message, we were given ‘goody bags’, with information packs, branded pens and pads.  So how will Think Big Training benefit?  Many of the small business owners are probably not in the market for bespoke training programmes themselves, but who will they recommend to others who are?

It’s said the average person knows 200 others.  On that basis, Sarah Castle delivered a powerful, fun and punchy message to around 8,000 people.  That’s what I call marketing!

It’s something we practice extensively.  Over the past year, we’ve produced a series of audio copywriting seminars which are being downloaded by hundreds of people, completely free of charge.  If it helps them deliver a stronger message and improve their writing skills, that’s great.  Not everyone will succeed, and those are the ones who remember WORD-right when they need help with their copywriting.  And there’s no doubt the listeners recommend our services to others.

Both WORD-right and WEB-right use social media, and we’ve written an Introduction to Twitter, which we email to anyone who is interested in this marketing medium.  The file bears our company livery and helps deliver a powerful message about our services.

If you’d like to take advantage of our free audio copywriting seminars, or would like a guide to using Twitter, drop WORD-right an email and we’ll be delighted to send you the link … but you’ll have to supply your own coffee and cakes, I’m afraid!

So our recommendation is, the next time you’re thinking of ways to market your business, take five minutes to work out what you can give away for free.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

WORD-right logo

WORD-right - the Oxfordshire Copywriters

If you’re in the Oxfordshire area and haven’t booked your place at Bloxham Mill’s b2b club networking meeting, you’ll need to hurry or you’ll miss one of the area’s best networking events.

WEB-right logo

WEB-right Simplicity

WORD-right and WEB-right are the proud sponsors of this month’s event and it’s going to be an interesting and lively meeting.  Keynote speaker Mike Pagan, will provide forthright, practical and thought provoking ideas on ‘Making Business Simple’.

You can expect Mike to get straight to the heart of the matter!  His new book entitled ‘Faff – The Power of Doing Without Achieving – Making Busyness Profitable’ will be launched this month.

The meeting runs from 5.30pm – 7.30pm:

5.30pm  –  Networking / Arrival & Drinks

6.00pm –  Welcome & Introduction by Ray Avery, General Manager, Bloxham Mill

6.10pm – Sponsors’ Welcome,   Joy McCarthy, WORD-right

6.15pm – Guest Speaker Mike Pagan, “Stop Faffing About and Get On With It ”

6.45pm – Refreshments & Networking

Register now – the event is free and light refreshments are provided.  Email or call 01295 724545.

Tadmarton Products LogoOxfordshire-based wholesale meat supplier Tadmarton Products (, has once more expanded its sales team with the recent appointment of Bristol-based Alex Grosvenor.

Until January this year Alex, who has a meat wholesale background, was one of Tadmarton’s suppliers. When Tadmarton’s Sales Director Steve Harper learned Alex had been made redundant for the 2nd time in a under a year, he was quick to snap him up.

Alex Grosvenor - Tadmarton Products

Alex Grosvenor - Tadmarton Products

Alex Grosvenor will be covering the South West of England, in particular North Somerset, Wiltshire and Avon.  As the former manager of Bristol’s  Weddel Swift depot which closed in 2009, Alex is a well-known figure amongst the region’s butchers.

Alex has worked in the meat industry since the mid-1990s, having started out as a Saturday boy at the age of 14.  He went on to gain hands-on butchery experience, before settling for a career in meat wholesale.

“Alex’s appointment is part of Tadmarton’s continuing growth, and his experience and local knowledge will be a great advantage,” says Tadmarton Sales Director, Steve Harper.  “He’s got a sound reputation for delivering a highly professional service and that’s just what the butchers in Bristol  need.”

Tadmarton Products is continuing with its growth programme and the company is expecting to announce further expansion to its product range and distribution service in the coming months.

– ends –

Note to Editors

Tadmarton Products is a wholesale supplier of fresh and frozen meat and poultry to independent butchers, retail and catering establishments.  The company, which is based in Banbury, employs a team of more 30 staff and was established in the late 1960s.

The company’s sales department consists of a team of five, under the management of director, Steve Harper.

Tadmarton supplies around 4,000 tonnes of meat products, from case to pallet quantities, each year.  Tadmarton’s main distribution area is currently 16 counties around the Midlands and South East of England.  The company supplies an extensive range of products which includes:

•    Whole chicken and turkey
•    Chicken portions
•    Game
•    Lamb
•    Pork and bacon
•    Beef

The company boasts its own cutting room, chilled and frozen storage, and a fleet of 8 vehicles at its Oxfordshire base.

For more information, please contact

Mike Mourant
Managing Director, Tadmarton Products
Tel: 01295 672480
Mob: 07711 859578

Media enquiries to:
Joy McCarthy
Tel: 01608 642845
Mob: 07880 980095

Buying a service online can sometimes be a lottery.  And if that company has glowing testimonials, they must be good, mustn’t they?  The answer to that may well be ‘No’!

Not from a verifiable source?  Don’t trust it!

When you find a company online, check out their client testimonials.   If they are from an anonymous source, we recommend you look elsewhere.  Any testimonial from the ‘Marketing Manger’ of ‘a major supplier’, or from a XYZ ‘Consultant’ could well be a work of fiction.  They might as well come from Miss X of Bangor, and you know what her reputation is like!

Testimonials can only be taken seriously if they are from a verifiable source … that is a real person, from a real live company.  And if you have any doubts, give them a call and double check.

Testimonial plagiarism scam!

If this sounds cynical, here’s a scam we’ve recently come across.  We were checking our website for plagiarism using Copyscape, a specialised application based on Google’s Search Engine.  Electronic copy can be very easily stolen and how would you ever know?  By running a check, that’s how.

And that’s just what we did.  To our total amazement, it wasn’t any of our own copy which had been stolen, it was one of our testimonials!  The original is on our website and states our client’s name, company, and a link to their site.  We’ve spoken to our client, who assures us he was the original author.

So how did an almost word for word copy turn up on a large London-based branding company’s website?  Is it any wonder their testimonial came from an anonymous source?  Of course not … it couldn’t be attributed to a real person, because it wasn’t real, it wasn’t factual … it was STOLEN!

More stolen testimonials

We dug a little deeper and found at least one other fake testimonial on the company’s website and another which is suspect.  This is morally indefensible.

Here is a large London branding and website development company with a very high-profile MD who, if personally innocent of plagiarism, is clearly guilty of not keeping his finger on the corporate pulse.

So ‘Mr X from London’, you can expect a formal letter of complaint.  And we will expect an explanation, apology, and removal of any bogus testimonials stolen by your company or your employees.  Unless of course you decide to do nothing … in which case we might be forced to ‘name and shame’.

You can check out your online copy for plagiarism by visiting

Blog post by Joy McCarthy

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