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Sainsburys Chipping Norton - opening day

Sainsburys Chipping Norton - opening day

One of the most frequent searches which brings people to this blog is ‘Sainsburys Chipping Norton opening hours’.  This is because WORD-right blogged about the opening of the new store (previously Somerfield) in the spring of 2009.

So for all those local shoppers in search of information, Sainsbury’s Chipping Norton opening times are:

  • Monday to Saturday – 7am – 9pm
  • Sunday  –  10.30am – 4.30pm

This does conflicts with the information online, which states the opening hours are 7am – 11pm.  But having just visited the Chippy store, a huge banner in the car park advertises the opening hours, as above.

If you want to look at the Sainsbury’s online information, first you’ll have to visit the main website and insert the postcode in the store location finder.  From there you’ll have to follow a link for more information.

Sainsbury’s kindly tells us it has an ATM (cashpoint), the number of spaces in the car park, and what it sells … all useful stuff … but when is the store open?  Oh yes!  Cunningly hidden on the bottom left  under the title ‘Main’ (main what?), you’ll find the list of opening times!

It would seem Chipping Norton isn’t buzzing with activity late at night.  A fact, I imagine which prompted the change in opening times.

But of course, as we live and work in the beautiful Oxfordshire town of Chipping Norton,  we’re delighted to help our fellow residents where we can, and hope this information is useful!

Lynq logo BrandP red-smlLynq Ltd is a software house based in Fareham, Hampshire. As a strategic Exact Software Partner and leading distributor of Exact Software’s Macola manufacturing and distribution accounting systems in the United Kingdom and Europe, Lynq also has offices in the Ukraine and the US.

Lynq’s experienced team has worked with Macola for over 20 years and has as an enviable reputation as one of the best suppliers of Exact Macola products in the market today.

John Grima, Business Development Manager, Lynq Ltd

John Grima, Business Development Manager, Lynq Ltd

WORD-right had provided some copywriting services to Lynq in 2006. It was the combination of David McCarthy’s IT background and experience and Joy McCarthy’s marketing skills, which led to Lynq getting in touch again to help with a new marketing initiative in the summer of 2008.

Lynq was about to bring two new software solutions to the market: Visual Planner and HyperLynq. The systems, which integrate fully with Macola ES and Macola Progression, are unique in the market, and are generating a great deal of interest with Exact Macola users.

Visual Planner is a visual point-and-click tool which revolutionizes the way manufacturing production planning can be achieved with fewer staff. Unlike other tools available, it writes back the planning schedules directly to Macola.

HyperLynq accesses the Macola databases to present information in a way the user can configure dynamically on the screen, filtering and ‘drilling down’ with just a few mouse clicks. As this functionality isn’t available in Macola, HyperLynq will appeal to many of the existing Macola customer base.
While Lynq’s core customer base is in Europe, both Visual Planner and HyperLynq were to be marketed internationally, in particular in the US where Exact Macola has a large market share. As well as targeting Macola users direct, Lynq also wanted to break into the reseller market.

Working with John Grima, Lynq’s Business Development Manager, WORD-right produced a comprehensive marketing plan which included the management of the newly constructed Lynq website, regular email marketing and newsletter campaigns, a suite of professionally written marketing collateral, and both offline and online PR. To add credibility, WORD-right also worked on a series of Customer Success Stories, interviewing some of Lynq’s existing customers and writing comprehensive case studies about the service they had received.

The culmination of Lynq’s 9 month marketing campaign was Engage, the Exact User Conference held annually in the US.  The 2009 Engage event was held in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2009 and saw the launch of the 3rd generation of Visual Planner.

Lynq exhibited in the Engage Vendor Showcase and the WORD-right team created all the company’s promotional materials including print-ready PDFs for the exhibition banner and the delegate bag inserts. The PDFs were sent direct to Lynq’s print shop in the US for printing delivery to Nashville. During the Engage conference, WORD-right was in contact with John Grima to manage the distribution of Lynq’s ‘Live from Engage’ electronic newsletter.
Lynq’s product and brand awareness has risen considerably in the past few months, with sales of the new products now in the pipeline. WORD-right will continue to work with Lynq on an ‘as needed’ basis, and will continue to be in touch with John Grima at Lynq, offering help and support.

Word-Right are part of my team. I am constantly impressed by their high standard work, their marketing knowledge in areas such as ‘brand’, ’web’, and ‘campaigns’, and by their totally professional approach. Word-Right spent a lot of effort in analysing our marketing strategy and mix, taking a complete and honest view. Their subsequent report and proposals were therefore thorough, realistic and creative – as well as being affordable. I was particularly impressed by the creative proposals, which successfully addressed our problem in getting our offer noticed by potential customers in a crowded marketplace. We also believe our brand profile has subsequently increased, which will mean new profitable business for us.”

John Grima
Business Development Manager
Lynq Ltd

Chipping Norton copywriters and allotment holders, Joy and David McCarthy, have recently set up a new blog to act as an online diary and information resource for both ‘allotmenteers’ and vegetable gardeners. (   The couple, who took

The copywriters' allotment - September 2007

The copywriters' allotment - September 2007

A transformed allotment

A transformed allotment

over their overgrown half-sized plot in September 2007, had only documented their progress with pictures prior to the blog.

The blog is updated each week and additional pages tell the story so far.  The McCarthys are hoping other allotment holders and gardeners will add comments and suggestions to help provide down-to-earth practical advice for new gardeners and growers.

Joy McCarthy explained, “We wanted to have a written record, as well as a photographic one, of our work on the allotment and what better way to do that than with a blog.  With the huge surge in interest in growing your own food, we hope our allotment blog will provide some inspiration to new allotment keepers and help put Chippy’s growers on the map.  The experienced allotment holders have a wealth of information which we’d like to tap into.  With the large number of younger people and families now queuing up for an allotment, a blog is a good way of ensuring vital information is passed on.  We’ve already started to include some tips and suggestions on dealing with problems such as slugs and caterpillars, but we make no secret of the fact we’re rookies when it comes to gardening on this scale.

Because we wanted a complete record, this year we’ve been weighing  everything we’ve harvested.  At the beginning of September, our 90’ x 25’ plot had produced an amazing 98 kg of fresh vegetables from just this season’s crops!  Just for fun, we’re also working out what it would have cost to buy, based on prices in the local shops.  Had we bought everything we’ve grown from Sainsbury’s or the Co-op, we would have spent nearly £300 so far.  With the potential for having home-grown produce 12 months of the year from our allotment, we expect that figure to be almost £1,000 in total.  Including the price of seeds and some investment in canes and net, we’ve spent around £120 this year.  It just goes to show it is worth growing your own and there’s no doubt home-grown veg tastes so much better.”

As well as the online diary and allotment tips, a recipe section is also being developed on the blog.  Anyone wishing to read the blog or make any comments or suggestions should visit:

For more information, please contact:

Joy McCarthy
Tel: 01608 642845

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