The online voting in the 2010 Software Satisfaction Awards opened today … and we’re excited!

This year one of our clients, TeamSeer, is entered in two categories:

TeamSeer is an online application which allows companies and organisations to manage TeamSeer Absence Management Software Applicationtheir staff annual leave and absence, quickly and easily.  Each member of staff has their own unique log-in, and their TeamSeer account tells them what their holiday entitlement is, how many days they have left, and even when their colleagues are out of the office.  Having worked in companies of all sizes, it’s easy to see how much time can be saved by using TeamSeer instead of a paper-based annual leave management system!

TeamSeer was a revelation to me.  While I am reasonably technically adept (but often pretend to be otherwise), I do lack patience.  Software applications which involve complicated processes test me to the limits.  But when I had the opportunity to put TeamSeer through its paces, I was a convert.  It’s easy to use and completely intuitive.

I was pleased to see the Software Satisfaction Awards voting has been carefully structured to prevent any rigging or block voting.  With such a prestigious award, this is important as it is the users’ votes which will determine the finalists.  The vote is actually an online survey, which calls for hands-on knowledge of the product.  There is also an email verification for added security.  The survey feedback is anonymously reported to TeamSeer, which will help them with their future development.

The TeamSeer team are passionate about their product and the service they provide and, if I were eligible, they’d get my vote!  So if you are a TeamSeer user and you haven’t already voted, follow the links now:

  1. Human Resources and Human Capital Management
  2. Paperless Office and Document Management

And while you’re doing that, I’m off to put that bottle of bubbly in the fridge to celebrate TeamSeer’s success on October 7th!