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Louey - the marketing duckling

Louey - the marketing duckling

Can you think of a better subject for an Easter blog?  My madcap daughter prompted this post when she attended a business meeting yesterday.  It was an urgent meeting, so she went into the office on her day off to see the prospective client.  She works for a somewhat traditional national company, and I am sure she’s been a complete shock to their corporate system.  So, being a bit whacky, she arrived at the appointed time, accompanied by … her 6-day old duckling, Louey!  

Louey is destined to become a child’s pet duck on a smallholding in Somerset, and is currently being ‘socialised’ with people and transport, hence her corporate debut.  Needless to say, the clients turned out to be ducking enthusiasts, the sale was closed, and my daughter’s boss was reeling from the unorthodox approach! 

While I’m not suggesting as small business owners we should all be dashing out and acquiring ducklings or other small cutesy creatures (if for no better reason than they tend to grow), I think there is a moral to this story.  Ultimately, people buy from people and, if we can present ourselves as being warm and friendly, as well as professional, perhaps our sales will benefit.

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