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When we first set up our copywriting business some 5 years ago, we offered our services (free of charge) to several charities and good causes.  Why?  We wanted the experience and had time on our hands.  Much to our amazement … nobody ever responded!  We were totally ignored.

Having worked in the charity sector, this really shocked me.  Willing volunteers are hard to come by and my policy was never to refuse any offer of help.  In fact there were times when I had so many volunteers they became a positive liability, and took a lot of management!  Other neighbouring charities could never work out how I managed to find such an abundant supply of able-boded and enthusiastic young men and women (and no, I’m still not telling!).  But I appreciated every offer and the help and support they gave me and our organisation.

Today we still are involved with some charity work and I’m pleased to say we haven’t been turned down in years.  But the purpose of this post really is to support a fantastic offer which one very kind-hearted person has made.

Courtesy of Twitter, I came across Joanna Geary’s blog – she is offering her services to a (preferably) English speaking organisation for 2 – 3 weeks this year.  If you are involved with a charity or have charitable connections, please take a look at Joanna’s skills and experience and remember – gift horses really shouldn’t be looked in the mouth!

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