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Last week saw the WORD and WEB-right team at Banbury Cricket Club, exhibiting at the Banbury in Business Expo.  Despite a disappointing turn-out, it was a useful event to attend. 

Ray Avery of Bloxham Mill with David McCarthy of WORD-right

Ray Avery of Bloxham Mill with David McCarthy of WORD-right

As part of our promotion, and in honour of our copywriting services, we ran a ‘Scrabble Challenge’ for visitors to our stand.  The concept was simple: the entrants got seven letters and one go to score the highest possible number of points.  The person with the highest score would win the champagne, complete with its corporate colour bow, of course! 

While lots of exhibitors had prize draws to attract people to their stands, they didn’t involve anything more challenging than dropping a business card into ‘a hat’.  So why did we decide to break the mould?   This really is an example of guerrilla marketing.  It got us noticed and made us stand out from the crowd.  It didn’t cost us more to run, and it was a great way to introduce our services and increase our contact list.  And that’s what these events are all about. 

Although not a large event, the exhibitors and visitors were talking about our Scrabble challenge, and sending people over to take part.  Of course there was a fair bit of helping and cheating going on … but that just made the whole thing a bit more fun … and even more memorable! 

Our congratulations go to Ray Avery of Bloxham Mill Business Centre.  His great score of 30 took him to the top of the league and won him a bottle of bubbly for his efforts.  Ray kindly allowed us to pop over to the Mill to deliver his prize and agreed to pose for the camera with his well-earned prize.  Cheers Ray!

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