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Luke Whiteside of grounds maintenance company Avium, based in Swindon, says local companies are recognising the importance of good first impressions.  As confidence in the economy grows, more business parks, hotels and large companies are now planning their year’s grounds maintenance to ensure their external presentation is faultless.

During difficult economic times, managing extensive grounds often takes a back seat while resources are spent on what are perceived as more essential activities.  Grounds maintenance often adds to the in-house staff’s workload, who don’t have the time, skills or the equipment to do the work thoroughly.  As a result, the business grounds can look neglected, which has a detrimental effect on the company’s image.

Avium Grounds Maintenance reports an increase in forward planning already in 2011, with Swindon companies keen to create good first impressions for visitors, customers and staff alike.   The early snow in November and December caused damage not only to grounds in the region, but also to structures such as cycle sheds and smoking shelters.  Avium’s team have been kept busy doing essential repairs as well as ensuring customers have enough salt and grit supplies to cope with any severe weather conditions.

As well as providing grounds maintenance services to some of Swindon’s most prestigious companies, Avium is also an approved contractor for the Environment Agency.  Much of this work carried out involves the treatment of Japanese knotweed on river banks, where extreme caution is needed to avoid any contamination of water courses.

Luke Whiteside of Avium Grounds Maintenance said, “Keeping large grounds looking good needs ongoing work. During the winter months, there is still work to be done to keep grounds in tip-top condition.  Frosts can dislodge recently planted trees and shrubs, so it’s essential to make sure they are bedded in properly.  And it’s important to do any pruning before the end of February before the bird nesting season starts.”

Avium gives seasonal horticultural hints on its website to help companies keep on top of their grounds maintenance.

Anyone interested in a grounds maintenance service can contact Avium on 01793 729999, or by email to

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