Here we have a get well ode … that’s full of love and cheer

To say we hope recovery … is well and truly near.

A surgeon’s knife and hormones … must truly be to blame

We hear you’re feeling down at mouth … that really is a shame!



We know that you are more than … more than most can hope to be

A writer oh so talented … with a wit that’s clear to see.

So dear Em … we wish you well … your body it must mend

Lots of healing wishes … with this ode to you we send!



We hope that you … in double quick time … are feeling well and happy

to delight us with another blog, that’s funny, wild and snappy.

Here’s to you and your Twitter fans … who’ll join with us to say …

Hope you’re feeling better and … tomorrow’s another day.


With love, sympathy and apologies to Emily Carlisle at