Banbury hairdressers, The Cutting Edge ( has proved itself to be at the cutting edge of hair design.  Based in Rotary Way, The Cutting Edge is the only salon in the Banbury area using and stocking the revolutionary new heating rollers from Cloud Nine: TheO.

TheO, which was launched in the US in June this year, is the brainchild of Robert Powls, the international hairdressing icon.  Using NASA technology, TheO has brought heated rollers into the 21st Century.  Because of the unique design of the rollers, TheO is considerably easier to use than traditional heated rollers.  It uses seven times less electricity, and is cool to the touch, eliminating the risk of burns and accidents.

TheO heated rollers create hairstyles with volume and movement.  They are easy to use, making them ideal for home use, as well as in salon.  The lightweight soft grip rollers gently hold the hair without the need for pins or clips.

TheO Stockists Cutting Edge in Banbury

TheO heated roller pod

TheO system consists of a heating ‘pod’ and soft grip technology rollers, which are available in a range of sizes.  The rollers are placed in the pod, one at a time and, at the touch of a button, the pod weighs the roller to determine the heating time.  TheO’s unique heat induction technology heats each roller to 130° in less than 4 seconds.  By heating the rollers individually, the heat is delivered on demand, unlike traditional rollers which rely on heating the entire set.

TheO rollers are heated from the inside and, like the pod, feel cool to the touch.  Traditional heated rollers are very hot, which makes them difficult to handle and has the potential to burn the scalp.

For long-lasting hold and added shine, TheO Amplifying Spray is recommended for use with the rollers. The Amplifying Spray makes styling easier and its weightless, firm-hold formula prepares the hair for styling and ensures it wraps smoothly round the rollers.

The Cutting Edge salon director, Kirsty Pearce comments, “TheO is the perfect hair product.  It’s easy to use and gives fantastic results every time.  We’re very privileged to be the only salon in Banbury to be stocking them and they are fast becoming this season’s ‘must have’ hair product.  TheO is going to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists!  We use them in the salon all the time, and I never thought I’d be championing the use of heated rollers!  We’ve only had them in stock for a few weeks and we’ve already sold quite a few.”

TheO Pod retails at £149.95.  The rollers come in packs of four, in a range of sizes from 20mm to jumbo 60mm, and are priced between £15.95 and £18.95 a pack.  TheO Amplifying Spray costs £12.95.  All the products are available from The Cutting Edge Hair and Beauty Salon and orders are being taken now for Christmas.

Anyone wishing to try TheO, can make an appointment with The Cutting Edge Hair and Beauty Salon, Rotary Way, Banbury, by phoning 01295 278910.


Notes to Editors

The Cutting Edge Hair and Beauty Salon was established in Rotary Way, Banbury in May 2007.  The salon employs 9 hair stylists, both male and female, one colour  technician, two receptionists and three apprentices.

The salon boasts 4 long hair specialists, and salon director Kirsty Pearce, trains other hairdressers in long hair styling techniques.  The Cutting Edge team are also hair colour and hair extension specialists.

One of the salon’s stylists, Jake Berry, won the British National Open Championship for ‘Creative Gents Work’ at the age of 17.

Director Jayne Wells, is the company’s beauty consultant.

The Cutting Edge uses a range of quality professional products including: K-PAK, JOICO, VERO K-PAK COLOR, Cloud 9, and Xtreme.

For more information, please contact:

Kirsty Pearce or Jayne Wells
Tel:  01295 278910