Much has been written about the Oxfordshire Tweet-up held at Fallowfields Hotel on Monday 18th January, so I thought it was time I added my twopenn’orth.

The networking event was organised by Anthony Lloyd, owner of Fallowfields and passionate Twitter enthusiast, and Kevin O’Brien from Abingdon’s Web Power. It was thought to be the first large-scale business Tweet-up to be held in Oxfordshire and some 50 people attended.

So what was different about this event?  After all, it was just another networking meeting … right?  Wrong!  The atmosphere and the dynamics of the group were totally different to any other networking event I’ve been to.  Here was a roomful of complete strangers, greeting each other like old friends.  While most had never met in the flesh, relationships had already been forged in the virtual world of Twitter.  Newbury dentist Richard Charon, summed it up perfectly in his blog by referring to people as his ‘Twitter buddies’.

Fallowfields pie

Supper at Fallowfields - picture courtesy of Tim Kirby

The Tweet-up would have been a real eye-opener to anyone who doubts the effectiveness of social networking.  There were no barriers, just a lot of positive networking, punctuated by much laughter and good humour. From a business perspective, it was a very positive experience for me and I went home feeling like I’d spent the evening at a great party!

This post wouldn’t be complete without mention of the fabulous supper laid on by Fallowfields.  Monday is the legendary ‘pie night’ at Fallowfields so we were treated to a choice of 3 delicious pies, aptly renamed for the occasion as ‘Tweetpies’!

I’m looking forward, like all the rest of my Twitter buddies, to the next Tweet-up and would like to thank Anthony and Kevin for making it all possible.