Sainsburys Chipping Norton - opening day

Sainsburys Chipping Norton - opening day

One of the most frequent searches which brings people to this blog is ‘Sainsburys Chipping Norton opening hours’.  This is because WORD-right blogged about the opening of the new store (previously Somerfield) in the spring of 2009.

So for all those local shoppers in search of information, Sainsbury’s Chipping Norton opening times are:

  • Monday to Saturday – 7am – 9pm
  • Sunday  –  10.30am – 4.30pm

This does conflicts with the information online, which states the opening hours are 7am – 11pm.  But having just visited the Chippy store, a huge banner in the car park advertises the opening hours, as above.

If you want to look at the Sainsbury’s online information, first you’ll have to visit the main website and insert the postcode in the store location finder.  From there you’ll have to follow a link for more information.

Sainsbury’s kindly tells us it has an ATM (cashpoint), the number of spaces in the car park, and what it sells … all useful stuff … but when is the store open?  Oh yes!  Cunningly hidden on the bottom left  under the title ‘Main’ (main what?), you’ll find the list of opening times!

It would seem Chipping Norton isn’t buzzing with activity late at night.  A fact, I imagine which prompted the change in opening times.

But of course, as we live and work in the beautiful Oxfordshire town of Chipping Norton,  we’re delighted to help our fellow residents where we can, and hope this information is useful!