Pevensey Bay - birthplace of WORD-right!

Pevensey Bay - birthplace of WORD-right!

There’s nothing so controversial as Broadband Service Providers.  If you check out the forums, you’ll see they’re full of complaints and gripes.  That was us too until 2005!   Our broadband was provided by one of the major companies and we’d been with them for some time.  In all fairness, we didn’t have many problems until we moved to Pevensey Bay, just outside Eastbourne. 

Although a lovely place, Pevensey Bay is nothing if not windy and that’s when the problems started!  With every bout of high winds and rain, our connection dropped.  I’m sure we weren’t the only ones affected, but our provider was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard! 

In time, we found out the problem was with the BT infrastructure but, getting our provider to contact BT was a constant battle.  The problem was, if they called out BT and it turned out to be a different problem, BT would bill the provider for the call-out.  When we lost our connection for a fortnight and, despite constant phone calls (to an expensive premium rate number) and countless email ‘tickets’, nothing was done about it, we came to the conclusion they had to go! 

A business contact recommended we speak to Hasting-based company, Beaming.  I was given a phone number and told to phone Stuart.  What’s this … a broadband supplier with a phone number and a real person with a name?  And guess what?  Beaming does have real people, they answer their phones and what’s more, they do amazing things like … phoning you back! 

Needless to say, we’ve been recommending Beaming to everyone who’ll listen, ever since.  Of course we’ve had the occasional problem and lost service, but each time it’s dealt with quickly and professionally.  When we moved back to Chipping Norton, good old BT couldn’t be persuaded to connect our phones, let alone our broadband.  Stuart from Beaming stepped in and helped resolve the problem.  And because Beaming is big on communication, Stuart phoned us regularly on our mobile to give us updates on the progress.

Beaming’s service has been exceptional from day one.  Here’s a recent example of the Beaming customer care … we started to experience problems with our broadband connection one evening.  We tried calling, but didn’t realise Beaming’s technical support line closes at 9pm.  No problem!  We left a message, knowing it would be picked up and dealt with in the morning.  Imagine our amazement when Stuart from Beaming phoned us at 9.45pm … he was at home, but checked his messages before shutting down for the night.  He then went on to check our system from his end! 

That level of customer service deserves a great big bouquet and a sincere thank you to Stuart, Marcus and the rest of the Beaming crew from us here at WORD-right. 

So take it from WORD-right … if your broadband provider is not delivering  that level of service … try Beaming!  You’ll find real people (with names!) who answer their phones and care about their customers.  They’re a rare beast indeed!