Laying Dura-Base mats

Laying Dura-Base mats

Managing Director of Robertson Envirosystems Limited, Hugh Robertson, is urging UK farmers to protect their land from damage and erosion by using Dura-Base temporary roadway matting.  Where access is needed across farmland, for example under a Way Leave agreement with electricity or telecom providers, Dura-Base mats are proven to reduce the impact on soil and grassland. 

Farmers now have a legal obligation to protect their land and, under the Cross Compliance Single Payment Scheme, must produce annual soil protection reviews.  This legislation is designed to not only protect the environment and sustainable methods of farming, but also to conserve the UK’s historic heritage by safeguarding archaeological remains. 

The increase in extreme weather events means soil is at risk of becoming compacted, particularly over areas accessed by heavy plant and machinery.  Wet soil is more easily damaged and the resulting compaction adds to run off and soil erosion. 

Using an alternative temporary roadway systems such as Dura-Base instead of aluminium panels, considerably reduces the damage to farmland.   Reinstatement of the land is virtually nil and Dura-Base will protect even the most sensitive of surfaces.  Because the Dura-Base mats are interlocking, they follow the contours of the landscape, making it suitable for use even on high-risk areas.  The interlocking system also prevents seepage of mud onto the surface.  This reduces the risk of spreading soil-borne diseases to other parts of the farm.  In addition, it reduces the risk of soil being deposited on public highway, which in itself can result in prosecution.   

Hugh Robertson strongly recommends that farmers include the use of Dura-Base matting in their soil management plans.  He is urging them to insist that utility companies using farmland under Way Leave-type agreements, must use Dura-Base matting.  He said, “A large number of UK companies, including the Electricity Alliance, are now using Dura-Base.  As well as protecting the land, Dura-Base has another significant benefit.  Unlike aluminium panels, it has no scrap value, so all security risks are eliminated.  Callous thieves will stop at nothing to get their hands on aluminium panels.  They’re known to leave a trail of devastation in their wake, and ultimately it’s the farmer who is responsible for this damage too.”

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