Ceri Booth - Miss Wales Finalist

Ceri Booth - Miss Wales Finalist

As a Tutor with the Institute of Copywriting, I have around 50 wannabe copywriters under my wing.  Many of my students have now completed their course, but still keep in touch.  It’s always good to know how their copywriting careers are progressing. 

There are always students who stand out … it might be their skills, or motivation … or just the way they give 120% in everything they do. 

One of these students is a young lady called Ceri Booth.  Not only is she an exceptionally talented writer, but at the age of 22, she is successfully running her own business and … is a finalist in the Miss Wales contest! 

At the time of writing, Ceri is currently in the lead in the online polls, and it only takes one look at her picture to understand why. 

So if brains and beauty are your bag … pop along to the polls and cast your vote for Ceri here.