Banbury Business Matters

Banbury Business Matters

Yesterday was one of those days when everything seemed to go against me. At 5pm I hadn’t even thought about getting ready to go to the Banbury Business Matters Networking meeting.  Given it’s almost half an hour’s drive at that time of night, I very nearly didn’t go. 

And what a treat I would have missed if I hadn’t made the effort!  We go to several networking events across the area.  In fact we’re on the organising committee of FBBC (Faringdon Business Breakfast Club), but when it comes to novel and fun ways of making sure people mingle, Banbury Business Matters are head and shoulders above the rest!  

Last night’s theme was the board game, Monopoly.  Traditional Monopoly Cards dictated where everyone would sit (no comfort zones here) and each table received a ‘cash advance’ of £500.  Working as teams and using the skills of everyone on the table, we had to come up with business propositions for either:

• House-type enterprises (buying, selling, renovating, etc)
• A hotel-orientated business
• A public utility concept

The team with the best concept would win £1,000!  In true Monopoly style, Chance and Risk cards came into play to add to the fun.  Overall, the team with the most money in the bank would win the prizes.

If you’re wondering why we’re playing games at a networking meeting when we could be roaming around handing out business cards at a rate of knots, think again.  In the 20 minutes or so we spent on our business concept, we found out more about each other than we ever would in a traditional networking environment.   Because everyone was involved, there were no ‘wall-flowers’ and, most importantly, it was FUN! 

Having organised many events in the past, I know the amount of time and effort it takes to just come up with the concepts … let alone make them work.  So a great big thank you to Rebecca Pearcy of Wise Geary and Phil Cullen of Mail Boxes etc of Banbury for all their hard work and for their talented judging abilities. 

With the inspirational leadership of Sophie Breslin and John Crutch of Banbury Broadcasting Company, I’m pleased to say our table took the prize!