bview: The UK's best businesses ... reviewed!

bview: The UK's best businesses ... reviewed!

 A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a blog writing competition on the bview website.  Entrants had to write a blog about what they would spend £500 on to get a 95% discount.  Brilliant!  A retail therapy blog … every girl’s dream! 

We’ve just heard today that I’m on the list of finalists and what’s more, YOU can vote online for the winner here.  If you’d like to read my entry, you’ll find it on the WEB-right blog

While I would be delighted to be the lucky winner, this sort of thing is a great marketing opportunity, whatever the outcome.  Many small businesses often don’t realise the marketing potential of these sorts of events.

When bview announced the 12 finalists, I immediately sent an email to not only friends and family, but also to our clients and prospects.  I’ve asked them to forward on my email, which is known as ‘viral marketing’.  Viral marketing is the term for using the Internet and emails as a ‘word of mouth’.  If you ever get bombarded with jokes by email, you’ll understand the potency of viral marketing.  But emailing all my contacts isn’t just about canvassing for votes.  It reminds people of who we are and what we do.  It is a marketing message in itself. 

Not only has this given me a great opportunity to email my clients and prospects, it will also provide a good subject for our company blogs, newsletters, and a news item for our websites. 

And … if I’m fortunate enough to win, what then?  Well, obviously another round of emails and of course, with a newsworthy story like that, I would have some great material for a press release. 

You might not have entered any competitions, but what sort of things are going on in your business?  I’m sure if you give it some thought, you’ll find plenty of marketing opportunities round every corner.