Jeremy Clarkson at the 2008 Auction

Jeremy Clarkson at the Chippy Lido Auction of Promises 2008

It’s that time again when everyone in Chipping Norton is fastening their seat belts and getting into ‘top gear’ for the annual Auction of Promises. 

The auction is the highlight of the local fund-raising calendar and raises much needed money for the local lido.  The 2009 theme is James Bond and  007! 

WORD-right is getting into top gear too – we’re big fans of the Lido Auction.  Last year we helped in the run-up to the auction by sponsoring the newsletter and writing the copy for the auction’s dedicated website.  We were delighted to be part of the team which helped raise a massive £18,000 for such a good cause. 

This year we’ll be back in action again sponsoring the copywriting for the event.  Organiser Ken Norman has already had a good response and the pledges have started to come in, with still 3 months to go! 

For the 6th year running, Chipping Norton’s most famous (or is it infamous?) resident Jeremy Clarkson, will be the entertaining and hard-hitting auctioneer.  The 2009 auction will be held at Chipping Norton Lido on Friday 3rd July.  This coincidentally will be WORD-right’s official 3rd birthday, giving us the opportunity for a great night out to help us celebrate! 

With the James Bond theme, one is tempted to wonder if:

• Jeremy Clarkson as James Bond and compère Ken Norman (M) will be donning their tuxedos
• Will they be serving martinis (shaken … not stirred of course) instead of the usual wine?
• And the biggie … is there any chance of Jeremy Clarkson driving an Aston Martin into the lido?   

The dedicated auction website will be live soon.  Watch the Oxfordshire Copywriter’s Blog for more details.  Remember … you heard it here first!