Working from home in Chipping Norton has many advantages, not least avoiding the rush hour traffic.  But another benefit is being able to respond to neighbourhood events.  This might include taking-in parcels for neighbours, and letting-in the odd plumber who has come to mend the pipes, but yesterday lunchtime was a little out of the ordinary. 


David, who is a little short sighted, spotted a cat up the road behaving strangely.  It appeared to be eating plants and walking with an unusual gait.  However, as it got closer and his vision improved, the ‘cat’ turned out to be a rabbit.  We’re not talking about the common or garden wild rabbit here, but a cute little domesticated bunny wunny! 


Having had a rabbit many years ago who made Houdini look like a rank amateur, there was no doubt the intrepid WORD-right team had to go to the rescue.   This little escapologist was capable of way eating its way through all the neighbourhood’s prize delphiniums and we weren’t going to be responsible for that!  


Lettuce in hand, the next half hour was spent stalking Mr (Ms?) Rabbit through gardens, across pavements, and dodging the odd car.  Luckily it’s a quiet road, so our prey was never at too much risk from the traffic at least.  Finally, after getting it cornered, David secured Bunny Wunny with a flying rugby tackle, worthy of Steve Borthwick himself.  Of course David was very pleased with himself, but personally I think Mr (Ms) Rabbit just made a tactical error and ran towards him, instead of away!  


Much as I like bunnies, we are simply not geared up for this sort of house guest.  Megan, our Security Consultant and Border Collie, would surely take exception to this temporary lodger.  However, there’s nothing like a bit of improvisation, and Mr (Ms) Rabbit was soon safely installed in a plastic crate with the lid secured and given a gourmet lunch of carrot and Iceberg lettuce.  The distribution of ‘found’ notices round the neighbourhood turned up the rightful owner and soon our bunny was safely returned home. 


As a small business always looking for a niche, could there be a gap in the market here?  ‘Bunny Busters’ does have a certain ring to it!  Is lettuce tax-deductible … is there VAT on bunny capture?  Who knows?  But it was great to be able to help and we were amply rewarded with an email last night thanking us for catching ‘Twitchy’! 


So after all the excitement, there was nothing left to do but get back to our desks and do what copywriters do best … rabbit … rabbit … rabbit!